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Motion Activated Wildlife Camera

best wildlife cameraYou’re strolling around your backyard, taking your time and enjoying the wildlife. If luck permits, you’ll spot a beautiful, colorful bird enjoying your bird feeder. There’s a light, cool breeze in the air and the scent of leaves and vegetation fills your nostrils. You can hear the gentle rustle of branches above you. The sun’s rays glisten on wet leaves and engulf your yard with a bright, warm, orange glow. Everything is so peaceful. As you walk along,  you watch the feeder and nearby trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare bird or a squirrel scampering about in search of nuts.

Good Birding Starts with Good Optics
And as soon as you thought your evening stroll would not contain any surprises for you, you spot something beautiful. It’s a beautiful bird you never saw before, perched on your feeder, directly below a ray of sunshine. It has a bright blue body and yellow feathers. It appears as if the trees opened their branches to let a single ray of sunlight land directly on that bird. It’s almost as if a concert was designed by nature and you are the audience. The bird chirps happily beneath the single ray of sunshine – its personal spotlight – and puts on a show for you. You watch in awe. But as soon as the concert started, it ends. Something startles the bird and it flies away. The single ray of sunshine that acted as the birds spotlight disappears and everything returns to normal. And with that, you’re left with nothing but a beautiful memory that you wish you could share.

Don’t you wish you could share that moment with your friends or family? It can be very difficult to capture a moment that occurs so suddenly with a conventional camera. Even if the camera is turned on and ready; you will still need to focus the lens and zoom in to capture the scene and by then the bird is likely long gone. How can you snap pictures of birds and other fauna without startling the animal? The trick is to place a wildlife camera near your feeder, or any spot in your yard.

Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera
The Cuddeback Camera

Wildlife cameras come in all shapes and sizes. These cameras are designed to take steady shots of wildlife. The best cameras are extremely quiet and the image quality is incredible. With a high quality wildlife camera you can capture almost any scene with impeccable post card image quality. But choosing the best wildlife camera can be difficult. Before you purchase any camera it’s recommended to read as many wildlife camera reviews as possible and compare each model until you can make an educated choice. Most wildlife camera models are not cheap but there are some that cost less than $100. Owning the best wildlife camera is well worth the investment, and they deliver incredible results.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to share an image of a rare and beautiful scene that took place in your yard. Next time that bird lands on that feeder, you will have your wildlife camera in place; ready to snap an incredibly beautiful and detailed picture or video which will impress anyone who glances at it. When it comes to taking pictures of animals in nature, wildlife cameras are highly recommended.

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