Infrared Game Camera: How It Works

Infrared Game CameraIn the last several years, the technology that goes into an infrared game camera has become a lot more affordable. Many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts use this technology to observe wild animals. Let’s talk about how it all works.

The Basics of an Infrared Camera for Game-Watching

Using a tool like an infrared game camera can allow you to observe and get to know the various animals and wildlife in an area, which is useful for a wide variety of reasons. Since many species are nocturnal, an infrared game camera can give individuals the ability to observe animals that come out at night, and do so without having to be physically present. These cameras are motion-activated, which means that they will begin to record when an animal visits the scene. For hunters, this can be highly advantageous, as it allows you to learn where the wildlife in your area live. As an animal enthusiast, it’s just plain fun to observe new creatures as they live in their natural habitats.

Use Infrared Technology to see in the Dark

The human eye and most normal cameras are tuned into what’s known as “visible light.” On the spectrum of light, however, there are a variety of other wavelengths, most of which are not actually visible to regular cameras or the unaided human eye. On the light spectrum, infrared light is right between microwaves and the visible light that we’re able to see with our eyes. An infrared camera is specifically designed to observe infrared light. This means that users of an infrared game camera can see quite well at night, though the picture will not be in color. Recently developed infrared cameras show a grayscale picture, which will appear completely white if there is too much light. This is overexposure.

Infrared Technology Focuses on Heat

Believe it or not, inanimate objects actually do generate enough heat to be seen by an infrared camera at night. While it might not be a significant amount, the atoms and molecules of any object are constantly in motion. The heat generated by this motion allows for just about any object to become easily visible with the use of an infrared camera. An infrared game camera is especially adept at spotting wildlife, as living beings give off a much higher amount of body heat. For this reason, many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy using an infrared camera to observe game and learn about their habits, behaviors, and migratory patterns.

From Heat-Generated Infrared Light to Electronic Signal

Game cameras that use infrared technology are outfitted with a special lens. This lens is designed to pick up the infrared light generated by the heat of various objects and animals, which is then converted into an electronic signal that can be understood by the camera and shown as a picture to the viewer. These cameras can even show users things like differences in temperature between various objects.

These special infrared cameras have been used by many to observe wildlife for hunting purposes, and also just for fun. Observing animals in their natural habitat is always interesting, which is what makes these devices great learning tools.

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