The Cuddeback Attack IR: Not Too Shabby and Here’s Why

Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera
Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera
Cuddeback Attack IR

The Cuddeback Attack IR is a solid and relatively inexpensive game camera that is designed to help hunters, photographers, and nature watchers. Most people who have tried the camera have given it good reviews for its large storage space and long battery life among other key features. To learn more about the Cuddeback Attack IR and whether it is the right game camera for you, read on to find out what people have to say about its features.

Features of this Model 

The Cuddeback Attack IR includes a 5-megapixel infrared camera that can operate during the day or at night. Its flash range is up to 60 feet, and is powered by 36 high power infrared LED lights, giving it an excellent luminosity. The camera can be mounted using a tree mount, and has a total of 60 MB of internal memory. That memory can be expanded using an SD card. In addition to its photo capabilities, the camera also has the ability to take up to 30 seconds of video at a time. Video clips are rendered at 24 frames per second, and can also use the camera’s night vision to record after dark activities. The camera can be set to take repeated pictures at a given time or left on a guard mode throughout the day.

What Users Have to Say 

User reviews of the Cuddeback Attack IR are largely positive. Based on what we’ve heard from different users, the biggest draws to this camera include the battery life, the high quality of the pictures it takes, and the easy user interface. The camera requires four D-cell batteries, but uses them very efficiently. Even in the Guard Duty mode, which takes five pictures per minute for a 24-hour period, you can go for several weeks without having to change the battery. The pictures are clean and crisp, even when taken at night. Pictures are transferred using a USB download, and the simple interface consists of a dial and two push buttons. Overall, users found this to be very intuitive.

Drawbacks of this Product 

Not all users had only glowing praise for the Cuddeback Attack IR, however. Some of the reviews we read indicated that the case is not easy to hang, as is the case with some other cameras. At a relatively low price point, the camera also does not have the full range of features that some more expensive models have available. Users also expressed some irritation with the fact that removing the SD card requires you to take the camera down from its mounted position. That makes accessing the photos you’ve taken a little more time consuming, which some people found irritating. Finally, due to the nature of the camera’s timer, some shots may come up blurry or blank depending on the situation.

Overall Impressions 

As a whole, online reviews of the Cuddeback Attack IR are generally positive, agreeing that this is a solid camera for a low price. While there are other more advanced game cameras out there, you will probably pay a bit more than this. The Cuddeback Attack IR offers a good combination of affordability, durability, and reliability. Aside from a few logistical sticking points, such as the fact that you have to remove it from the tree in order to get to the SD card, users were generally satisfied with the results they got from the camera. As a whole, this is an excellent camera to consider for both hunters, and those taking candid wildlife pictures. And for the price, this model is both affordable and reliable, making it a great overall buy in any scenario.

Overall, the Cuddeback Attack IR is a pretty solid purchase to make for most hunters. Those with more disposable income might be able to afford something that has more features than the Cuddeback Attack, but even then, this camera can still work as a backup when needed. You can pick one up from from most online stores for under $200 shipped. And don’t forget an SD card to hold more pictures than the 60 MB of internal memory.

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