Tasco Game Camera – The Value-Priced 3 MP

tasco game camera

tasco game camera - front viewThe Tasco Game Camera is an ideal cam for the hunter who needs a trail cam, but doesn’t have a deep pocket to pay from. Or, if you’re like many hunters, you don’t want to hang hundreds of dollars out there on a tree, only to find it gone next time you go to swap out the SD card. The 3 MP is your game camera. It’s very affordably priced and includes most of the features that you want in a game camera, including color pictures, short (15 second) video clips, and a good battery life. The camera uses a 3 MP camera and a white flash, which provides plenty of light and can help the camera get impressive pictures, even on the darkest nights.

Features of this Camera

This camera runs on 6 C cell batteries and uses battery life sparingly enough that it can last for up to four months on a single set. The camera has a power saving mode that it uses to prevent the use of a lot of energy, but it can also spring to life the moment some wildlife approaches. The white flash can illuminate objects of up to 25 feet away, although it’s worth noting that this will spook some animals. And if it’s video you’re looking for, the Tasco can take video during the day and night. You’ll get date, time, and moon stamps on each picture you get from this camera, which is useful when trying to track daily deer activity.

tasco game camera small amazonThe white flash is similar in appearance to a traditional camera flash, and it can illuminate objects very clearly. The camera’s shutter works in less than a second, so even if animals do get frightened by the flash you will get at least a few clear pictures of them. In terms of size, the camera is compact, measuring only 11 inches long and weighing a comparative amount to other traditional cameras. The camera can be easily mounted on a tree stand and left for quite some time. The casing on the camera is a durable and weather resistant plastic that should be able to handle just about any type of weather.

Reviews of the 3 MP Tasco Game Camera

Online reviews of this camera are generally positive, with users being happy with the quality of the pictures and the camera’s low cost. The camera typically costs between $50 and $80, depending on the retailer you use, so it’s sometimes two or three times less expensive than comparable game cameras. The quality drop off between this product and the more expensive cameras doesn’t seem to be that much, at least for amateur users, or anyone on a budget.

tasco game camera buck amazonSome reviewers did report a few downsides to the camera, most notably the responsiveness of the motion sensor. Some people had trouble getting the product to work the way it was supposed to, reporting no pictures over the course of a night. You should take extra care to make sure you have it mounted, adjusted and aimed properly before using it.

Overall, this game camera is a decent quality and affordable unit. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get photos, you should consider this Tasco Game Camera.

Reviews on Amazon are largely positive, with some complaints about the Tasco 3MP. You can read them all here.

For detailed specs and to buy when you’re ready, here’s a link to the Tasco 3MP on Amazon.

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