Spypoint Trail Camera Reviews: The Top 3 Wireless Models Compared

Spypoint Wi-Fi Wireless Transmission Trail Cam

If you are looking for a camera to take photos without having to be there, then you should consider a Spypoint trail camera. Although there are a few models, the top three wireless models have particular features that make them indispensable. Through reading this compilation of Spypoint trail camera reviews, you can see which camera will work best for you.

What is a Spypoint Trail Camera? 

The Spypoint trail camera is a small camouflaged camera you can use for taking photos without being physically present. They are great for hunting properties to keep track of the prey and capture photos without having to be there in person and disturb the area. Additionally, they can be used on trails and other places of nature to capture the wild animals in action. Alternatively, you can use a Spypoint trail camera to monitor your home to ensure it is safe from any intruders. The wireless models will easily transmit the photos to you to enjoy. 

Spypoint 3G Cellular Transmission Game CameraSpypoint 8MP 3G Game Camera with Cellular Transmission 

The Spypoint 8MP Game Camera with Cellular Transmission offers an 8-megapixel picture quality and a camera that is fully configurable online. When it is in electricity mode, you will get instant trigger time. The date, time, moon phase and temperature stamp will be on all pictures and there is a GPS tracking system as well. This self-contained digital camera will wirelessly send photos through the cell network although you need a data plan from your 3G cell phone provider. It takes black and white images at night with powerful infrared LEDS.

What Customers are Saying 

Customers feel that there is a nice LCD viewing screen on this Spypoint trail camera and they appreciate that it has a large capacity for an SD card. However, the menu system is difficult to use. As one reviewer on Gander Mountain states, “Menu system is difficult to use. One setting will change other settings.” Additionally, you must have really good cell reception for a quick download. Typically, they do not send the photo to your phone, you are just informed there is a photo for review on their website. Overall, the picture quality was decent.

Spypoint Wi-Fi Wireless Transmission Trail Cam

Spypoint 8MP Wi-Fi Transmission Trail Camera 

The Spypoint 8-megapixel Wi-Fi Transmission Trail camera allows you to take photos that will stream via WiFi to any device within 500 feet. You can use it for hunting or security purposes. It also has a remote control to turn it off or on and take pictures, so you do not have to be at the camera in order to get your photos. As with another type of Spypoint trail camera, you can get the photos stamped with the date, time, and more.

What Customers are Saying

Spypoint reviews are mixed for Wi-Fi transmission cameras. Owners enjoy the camera, but feel that the WiFi can be limited. As one reviewer on Amazon states, “The WiFi setup is done with the camera LCD and pushbutton controls, and won’t accept a key that has spaces in it.” Additionally, it only works with Windows PCs running a version newer than XP. When you use the hunting mode, you do not have to have the WiFi for your pictures, the handheld remote creates its own AP, creating a web interface for downloading images.


Spypoint Wireless Photo Digital CameraSpypoint Wireless Photo Digital Surveillance 8MP Camera 

The Spypoint Wireless Photo Digital Surveillance camera is very small and takes great 8 megapixel photos. It can send the photos wirelessly up to a 50-foot range. With 38 infrared LED for nighttime illumination, it can take pictures even at night. You can have up to 6 pictures per detection of movement, and each picture will have the date, time, temperature and moon phase printed onto the photo. You can have an external memory through an SD card.

What Customers are Saying 

The Spypoint trail camera reviews for the Wireless Photo Digital Surveillance Camera are overall positive. The camera can handle both photo and video very well. It is easy to use. The pictures are very clear and you can program everything easily and it works as advertised. One Amazon reviewer did note that it is not as invisible as advertised, stating that although it is small, “it advertises that it has almost no visible light to the human eye, or animal for that matter when taking pictures – EXCEPT THE BIG RED FLASHING LIGHT letting you know it took a picture.” 

How to Choose the Best for You 

When you are shopping for a camera, whether for surveillance or watching game, a Spypoint trail camera will work very well for you. In order to decide which to purchase, you should consider your purpose. The main difference between these three cameras is how the picture is transmitted, either through your phone’s 3G network, WiFi or wirelessly. If you want the pictures sent to you while you are far away, then you will probably want the 3G. However, if you do not mind just a wireless transmission, then the wireless camera option will be all you need.

The price points on these are higher than average, for obvious reasons, but well worth it for the ease of use (and not disturbing the area).

Please let us know how you like your Spypoint in the comments below.

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