Leaf River Trail Camera – Climbing To The Top Of Your Hunting Game

Leaf River Trail Cameras

Leaf River Trail CamerasA Leaf River Trail Camera is designed with the hunter in mind. Recently, Leaf River has trimmed their camera offerings down to the 2-3 models that best represent the brand: made by hunters, for hunters. Leaf River Trail Cameras are built to enable you with maximum control over your environment, settings and prey. The Leaf River IR series is available right now, but we must give you a small word of caution, nearly all users report difficulty in using Leaf River Cameras due to a confusing interface. If you’re experienced with trail cameras, this likely won’t be a problem, but if this is going to be your first trail camera, you may want to research some Bushnell Trail Camera models in addition to Leaf River models.

Favorite Leaf River Trail Camera Features

Besides the tricky interface inside Leaf River Trail Cameras, it’s important to clarify the stand apart features that make Leaf River a staple brand in the trail camera world. Such features include flash booster compatibility, which offers 2-4 times more illumination, giving you a greater range of night pictures and videos. The results are stunningly clear, without affecting the surrounding habitat.

All Leaf River Cameras are infrared digital cameras, meaning they do not need to use any flash to take clear night photos, though many Leaf River models are flash booster compatible for that extra dose of clarity and range. Users enjoy the built-in viewing screens, removable SD cards for memory, fast trigger speeds across all models and 30 frames per second gorgeous video with audio.

Audio gives hunters the added opportunity to hear prey roaming the areas that may be too well hidden for the camera to capture. Leaf River Trail Cameras are also built with a very effective camouflage — no animals will “inspect” your Leaf River Trail Camera.

While many users address the complexities in working and configuring Leaf River Trail Cameras, it’s crucial to know that these are professional cameras designed for the professional or passionate hunter in mind. If you’re looking to take your hunting game to the next level and believe that a Leaf River Trail Camera may be the one for you, but are nervous about said usage complexities, you can rest easily because users have reported great customer service from the folks at Leaf River — your questions will be answered quickly by a friendly customer service representative.

There are a few available around the Internet hunting supply sites, ranging from $200 to $400.
And I found a used one on eBay for as low as $75 if you’re on a budget and don’t mind buying used. You can search by make or model to see what’s there now.

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