Bushnell Trophy Cam Review: And Why You Should Consider One

Bushnell Trophy Cam

Bushnell Trophy Cam ReviewThe average Bushnell Trophy Cam review is largely positive, with most users considering this camera to be a functional and reliable model. The camera itself is an excellent model to take with you on hikes and nature walks. It records HD video and clear audio, and is generally well regarded by customers for its ability to take pictures day and night thanks to its black flash and night vision settings.

Features of the Bushnell Trophy Cam

The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a sturdy trail camera that includes 8 megapixel night vision and a no glow black LED flash that allows for scouting and pictures all throughout the day and night. A night vision video feature is also included, although that will require the use of higher-quality lithium batteries in order to function properly. The camera can be placed in a field or on a porch and set to go off when it detects motion within 45 feet. It can also be set to automatically take shots at programmed intervals. Overall, this camera offers a great deal of flexibility in its use, and gives you a chance to catch nature at its purest, recording images and sounds of deer and other animals without being observed yourself. 

An Excellent Nighttime Camera

The features that most reviewers of this product were particularly enamored with were the various nighttime functions of the camera. The black flash works excellently, and users were unable to see any light emitted when it went off in IR mode. The camera takes good HD video that also includes audio output. The product snaps pictures very quietly, with most people reporting that deer did not even notice the shutter speed. The fact that the camera is so versatile and can be programmed to go off based on movement or at timed intervals is also a major draw. Whether you are using this model for hunting or just to get shots of the natural world, there are features here that will appeal to you.

The Audio Component

The camera’s ability to pick up audio has also been highly praised, although some people do report this to be a double edged sword in a way. The audio is sensitive enough to pick up ambient noises, so if you have it on during nights when crickets are out, you can expect to pick up a lot of insect sounds and very little of anything else. Ultimately, this is less a knock on the camera and more a reminder that location is everything. Choose your settings wisely and you should be able to get the very most out of both the audio and the video components of this camera.

This camera has received many great reviews since its release, with virtually every Bushnell Trophy Cam review being a positive one. With a one-year warranty, you can be sure that any issues you do encounter will be quickly repaired. Overall, this camera is definitely something you should consider if you are a serious hunter or want to track nature for any other reason.