Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews – The Top 3 Reviewed

Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews - The HD

We’ve heavily researched all of the Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews available on the web so we can tell you what you need to know before choosing one of the Bushnell Trail Cameras for your scouting. Bushnell is one of the leading names in trail cameras, and for good reason. Bushnell is a popular hunter favorite for mid-priced trail cameras. According to experts, Bushnell has continuously improved the design and performance of their trail cameras, with their 2013 models leading the industry for their specific price points.

Bushnell offer a great diversity of wildlife cameras and accessories for hunting enthusiasts. With many models of Bushnell Trail Camera to choose from, we’ve scoured the Internet for buyer feedback and have compiled the critical facts you must know about the top three Bushnell picks that we found: The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max and Bushnell X-8 Trail Cam.

Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews - The HD


Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Review

Buyers report that the Trophy Cam HD makes it easy to take as many pictures as you like in lightning fast time with long battery life. With a 0.66 second trigger speed, 2.9 second maximum recovery time, and above average detection abilities, the Trophy Cam is a great option for the beginner to expert hunter who wishes to have a better view over his terrain.

One downside reported by users of the Trophy Cam HD is overexposure during the daytime. If your primary focus is night photos, though, you’ll be more than satisfied — night pictures come in clear and detailed. As the name gives away, the Trophy Cam shoots in full 1280 x 720 HD video and audio. Amazon offers a great warranty, fast shipping and a great price: Around $165. You can choose from Black or Camo.


Bushnell Trophy Cam Review - The HD MAX


Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Review

The Trophy Cam HD Max shares the fast trigger speed, recovery time, enhanced detection ability, and long battery life of the HD version of the trail camera, but with some added bonuses. The Max version comes fully equipped with a no-glow infrared flash, meaning no animals will notice the camera, get scared and run off. It’s important to note that the nighttime pictures on the HD Max may be slightly more dim and grainy than the original Bushnell Trophy Cam HD.

The overall consensus based on all of the information about the Trophy Cam HD Max is that it is a great mid-range trail camera: easy to setup and use, with pictures that’ll give you keen insights into the area you wish to observe. About $190 depending on where you get it.


Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews - The X-8


Bushnell X-8 Trail Cam Review

If battery life and low cost are what’s most important to you in a Bushnell Trail Camera, then the X-8 is the hands down winner. One set of 8 AA batteries has been reported to last more than 9 months, which is virtually unheard of for a trail camera at this price point. You can pick one up for about $140 online or in retail stores.

Do note that this Bushnell camera is not in HD, unlike the Trophy Cams we discussed earlier. That said, the X-8 keeps to the Bushnell standard of fast trigger speeds and recovery times with clear image quality. Users advise that this model has sluggish picture bursting delay time and weak motion detection. That said, many hunters and trail camera enthusiasts find this to be an acceptable trail camera for the beginner or for the hunter with a limited budget.

Of the three Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews shared here, the best one for you comes down to a matter of preference. Looking for crisp night photos? We’d suggest the HD or HD Max models. Are you a beginner who wants outstanding battery life and value? Then the X-8 model may meet all of your needs. Whichever you choose, Bushnell Trail Cameras are a durable and popular choice among all levels of hunters.

2 thoughts on “Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews – The Top 3 Reviewed

  1. I have the X-8 Trail Camera and am attempting to set it up. My instruction manual says if time lapse photos are not wanted to insure I set the T-delay to “OFF”. I believe the T-Delay refers to the Delay option. But try as I may, I cannot find the “OFF” option. Where am I going wrong?

    1. I’m not familiar with the time lapse settings on the X8. I did see where it says that the “default” setting is “off” so unless you enter any times in the screens that follow (time entries), it should default to off.

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